Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bored? I think not!

One of my favorite giveaway/review blogs is One Bored Mommy. Although, I can't see how she is bored at the moment, since she has SO many awesome giveaways going on right now!

Dadoo T-Shirt Giveaway - First of all, how cute is her little guy wearing that helicopter shirt?! Dadoo features super-cute and super-comfy bamboo clothing, and I'd love to win one for Oliver. Ends 11/28.

NapSac Giveaway - This sleeping bag and pillow folds up into a lightweight backpack- how cool is that?! Ends 11/23.

BlaBla Kids Doll Giveaway - This little knitted doll is absolutely ADORABLE! And it is SO Oliver- I can just picture him running around with this tucked under his arm. Ends 11/25.

$35 Jiffy Lube Giveaway - Not all giveaways can be made of cuteness, but this one is still practical! I would give this to either my husband or my dad for Christmas. Ends 11/21.

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